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New for 2011 is our first EP with Simon Gledhill, master of the Wurlitzer and Compton. The cinema organ played regularly with dance bands in the 1930s, but not many recordings exist. Here we recreate the classic sound, but with all new arrangements by our John of the 88s. Why not contact us and buy this along with our seasonal offering 'A White Christmas' (see below).

Our latest full CD is Nice Work If You Can Get It. Listen to excerpts below: as usual they are quite short and not representative of the high quality of the digital wax cylinders used to capture and wring out every last ounce of atmosphere from the sessions, but it should give those with wind up modems a fighting chance of getting to  listen to the music before the meter runs out.

Click the icon for the excerpt from the list below. The file size after the icon gives an idea how long the excerpt is (and how long you might wait until you can hear the excerpt without blips), although we couldn't compress the vocal tracks too much as it makes Graham sound all lit up.

Blue Skies (210K)
Goody Goody (537K)
How Deep Is The Ocean (257K)
I'll Never Smile Again (441K)
I'm Going to Get Lit Up When the Lights Go On in London (300K)
Isn't it a Lovely Day (437K)
Mississippi Mud (275K)
Nice Work If You Can Get It (258K)
Radio Signature Tunes 2 (531K)
When You Wish Upon a Star (233K)

Lots more music on the CD. Contact us if you want to order a CD (or just massage our egos).

ŠThe New Foxtrot Serenaders 2006: no copying or lending except by prior arrangement.


Get a flavour of our 2004 CD Music Maestro Please from excerpts (mainly quite short!) where you see the Windows Media Playericon below. These are compressed MP3 and don't reflect the true recording quality, but they are in stereo so may take a while over a modem link. The size of the file is given for an idea of the download time (and the length of the excerpt).

1 The Gold Diggers Song (We're in the Money) (Warren)(139K)
2 One, Two, Button your Shoe (Burke, Johnson)(41K)
3 Please (Robin, Rainger)
4 Singin' in the Rain (Freed, Brown)(285K - this could take a couple of minutes to download with a modem)
5 Glad Rag Doll (Yellen, Dougherty)(110K)
6 Music, Maestro, Please (Magidson, Wrubel)(173K)
7 'Swonderful (George and Ira Gershwin)(161K)
8 On the air (Gibbons, Campbell, Connelly)
9 The Wedding of the Painted Doll (Freed, Brown)*(80K)
10 Love is the Sweetest Thing (Noble)
11 Cherokee (Noble)(85K)
12 The Very Thought of You (Noble)(95K)
13 Jeepers Creepers (Mercer, Warren)
14 Chilli Bom Bom (Friend, Donaldson)
15 The Lullaby of Broadway (Warren)
16 Goodnight Sweetheart (Noble, Campbell, Connelly)(111K)

All arrangements by John Ashworth.

Read John's sleeve notes about these fascinating songs.

More details of the recording (image of the back cover of the CD).

Our recording technique

ŠThe New Foxtrot Serenaders 2004: no copying or lending except by prior arrangement.


A White Christmas with the New Foxtrot Serenaders was released in 2006 as our CD seasonal equivalent of the 45rpm EP. The songs so popular at Christmas today go back a bit so get the Serenaders treatment. Get in the party mood with Jingle Bells (written in 1857 so ours is a relatively modern version, including vocals by Graham and Oz on the Swannee Whistle), and wind down with our Christmas Medley including Winter Wonderland from the '30s, and Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Rudolf and White Christmas from the '40s. Click the icons here for a taster of Jingle Bells and the Christmas Medley.

ŠThe New Foxtrot Serenaders 2006: no copying or lending except by prior arrangement.


Our first CD is no longer available as we see if rarity will up its value. We may have a bit of a wait.

Foxtrot Records NFSCD1

ŠThe New Foxtrot Serenaders 2002

Rarer than a Harry Potter 7 first edition, we think.

ŠThe New Foxtrot Serenaders 2002-2008: no copying or lending except by prior arrangement.